Hosted VoIP

Ivey Communications, Inc is pleased to offer a VoIP system that does everything you want out of a phone system that will not bust your budget. In most cases you will save money from day one and years to come. Most of the time the ROI is instant.

Ivey Communications offers a complete solution from the phone system to the trunk lines coming into your organization.

Some features of this PBX are:

  • Unlimited Extensions                                                                                                                                                          

  • Unlimited Auto Attendants                                                                                                                                                                           

  • CRM Screen Pop                                                                                                                                                                

  • Unlimited Voice mail Boxes

  • Integrated Paging

  • Remote Phones

  • Extension Groups

  • Auto Provisioning

  • Extension Range Flexibility

  • Caller ID Customization

  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

  • Find me Follow Me

  • Music on Hold

  • Time of Day Routing

  • Extension Call Recording

  • On the Fly Recording

  • Call Return

  • Voice Mail Callback

  • Voice mail to Email

  • SMS Voice mail Notification

  • Voice mail Web Access

  • Voice mail Bypass

Ivey Communications delivers the most reliable, simple to use, and complete set of features available. Bottom line... our Hosted PBX is the very best value and helps you maximize your profits while serving your customers better. We make VoIP work for you.

Ivey Communications, Inc. Would love to come in and introduce our PBX to our current and future customers with a one source solution. We will come in to your office and review your current phone/telecommunication situation and custom tailor a solution for your company.

Send us an email @ or call us at 864-578-4839 option 1 to have a sales agent come and walk you through the process.


 Please click one of the following pictures below to download a users guide for your phone.​



​​ ​spa-500-advanced-user-guide.pdf




Links to assist with Adding or Updating your business Listings

Yellow Pages /​ updates - You can log in to your account @​ or call 1-800-577-7126

Yellowbook -  Call 1-800-929-3556 and ask for your free listing.

Yahoo! Local Listing -​

​Google Places -​​

Bing Places -

VoIP Porting Forms

Below you will find forms for customers to fill out to complete the porting of their phone services to Ivey Communications, Inc. VoIP.

All forms below must be filled out and sent to or fax to 864-278-0087 with a copy of most recent phone bill.


1 - Most recent phone bill from current service provider 


2 - LOA.xlsx - Form for porting numbers from current provider (Losing Service Provider) to Level 3 Communications


3 - CNAM form.xlsx - Form for upd​ating Caller ID and Service Address information - This information will be used for E911, Caller ID, and Directory Listing.


4 - Ivey 911 Disclaimer.pdf - 911 and E911 Disclosure