Bosch Video Systems

Bosch Video Management Systems (BVMS)

At a glance

BVMS is a scalable solution that grows with the user’s needs. From BVMS Viewer to Professional or Enterprise, it can easily be upgraded while keeping the same look and feel so that no further operator training is required.

BVMS Viewer

BVMS Viewer ideal for small to medium installations


BVMS Viewer is a free of charge video application for small to medium Bosch video installations to access live and recorded video data from Bosch devices with great advantages:

Easy to install and to use - the guided installation makes it easy to set-up a system in a couple of minutes.

Motion and forensic search - search efficiently through video footage without additional costs.

Highest and secure client performance - manage simultaneously many Ultra High Definition (UHD) cameras in a secure way

Live & Playback site and dynamic transcoding - use your BVMS Viewer to monitor up to 10,000 sites with access to HD images even with small bandwidth

Scalable - expandable solution with flexible licenses and easily upgradable to BVMS Professional.

BVMS Professional

Ideal for medium to large installations


The BVMS Professional provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data across an IP network. BVMS allows you to deploy a Bosch video surveillance solution for applications with unique features:

Maximize resilience - keep operations up and running even when both, Management and Recording Servers fail.

Reduced total cost of ownership - manage up to 2000 cameras with a single server to reduce installation and operating costs.

Scalability - guarantee scalable solutions for any size system.

Bosch video at its best - support Bosch cameras and better than any other management software.

Integration - integrate third-party cameras, storage and further systems into BVMS.

IT environments and data security - profit from full IT compatibility from installation to configuration in a secure way.














BVMS Enterprise

To connect multiple BVMS Professional systems


BVMS Enterprise enables multiple BVMS Professional systems to be connected. This can be used to connect multiple sites across different time-zones or split up a single site into sub-systems.


The Enterprise edition supports monitoring up to 10,000 sites by a single operator and 200,000 cameras by the total system. One operator is able to access up to 30 sub-systems simultaneously.




A transportation hub, like an airport or train station, needs to be able to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This also applies to the video surveillance system: when operators, for whatever reason, are not able to view live and/or recorded video the transportation hub could be shut-down. This in turn would result in mayor delays for potentially millions of passengers.

Now, the high resilient system architecture of BVMS protects against multiple failure scenarios. For example, with BVMS installed in a metro, failures of important system components do not affect the monitoring within the stations and in the operations control centre (OCC). The system operates independently even when communication lines are disrupted.

BVMS can integrate other systems such as radar and face recognition. This allows the operator to have one interface to receive alarms, process them, and ensure that security guards can effectively follow-up. Alternatively, BVMS can be fully integrated into external

BVMS is installed:


  • Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow

  • Railway station in Minsk

  • Metro in New Dehli

Critical Infrastructures


Critical infrastructures ensure that we have warm water, energy and even ensure our safety. Thus, it is crucial to ensure the right functioning and continuity of these facilities.

A video surveillance system enables operators to spot incidents and prevent operational downtime of the facilities. BVMS allows an operator to do his job without any disruptions. The high resilient system architecture of BVMS protects against multiple failures in system components, so these will not impact the basic functionalities of the video surveillance system.

Perimeter protection systems, like Bosch cameras equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics, fence detection or radar systems, enable the operator to process all the alarms from a single user interface. The built-in alarm management capabilities ensure that operators have access to the right information at the right time. Alternatively, a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system can be used to fully control BVMS.

BVMS is installed:
  • Panta Rhei South-North Water Transfer Project in China

  • JANAF Oil Pipeline in Croatia



Reducing shrinkage improves business performance, contributing to the bottom line of a retailer. There are many types of shrinkage such as theft, vandalism and supplier fraud. Being able to effectively investigate case-by-case enables retailers to optimize their processes and prevent future losses. Additionally, intelligent alarms enable local security guards to intervene whenever it is required.

BVMS allows a loss prevention manager to effectively access up to 10,000 sites from a single operator client, of which he can connect up to 20 sites simultaneously. Dynamic Transcoding is used to ensure access to High Definition images even when limited small bandwidth is available.

Bosch Panoramic cameras can be connected to the system to provide a cost-effective coverage through-out the store.

BVMS is installed:


  • Several Metro Cash & Carry stores throughout Germany and Russia

  • Dedeman in Romania



Providing a reliable logistic service is a real challenge. Customers require an on-time delivery and expect the shipments to be complete. Additionally, a lot of high-value goods are stored in a warehouse, which makes it an attractive target for thieves.

BVMS allows warehouse operators to effectively reduce the effort in tracking down theft by combining the alarms coming from intelligent cameras with the information which is stored within their warehouse management system. This same interface, between BVMS and the warehouse management system, can be used to ease the investigation into customer complaints.

BVMS is installed:


  • Several Bosch warehouses throughout the globe



Compared to other systems BVMS allows for maximum resilience. This means continuous live and playbacks – no matter what happens.


While other systems require you to add redundant components to create a resilient system, the BVMS offers several levels of resilience out of the box. As a result, cameras keep recording and streaming live video even when multiple system components fail simultaneously.


Bosch Video Stitcher creates a seamless panoramic view of video streams from multiple cameras. Security operators of high-traffic retail centers and critical infrastructure like airports and railways can monitor larger areas and odd angles in one virtual video pane, zooming in on any part of the image for an ultra-high-resolution view of activity in that zone.


The user does not realize the switch from one camera to another and does not need to know the exact location of the cameras and how they are connected to each other. It is possible to stitch up to 16 cameras together.

Less CPU consumption

At the rate that video cameras are evolving, keeping track of an ever-growing amount of high-resolution video data is becoming even more challenging. In places like metro stations and airports where many cameras are needed, the burden on a workstation is very high. If a workstation is overloaded, the client application will often lag. This is a great obstacle for security operators who need to view many cameras at once in order to maintain a complete and uninterrupted overview of a location, such as an airport terminal.


GPU decoding

With BVMS a superior client performance is possible by accelerating the decoding capacities of the graphics processing unit (GPU). In this way, multiple ultra-high resolution (UHD) videos can be displayed in parallel without consuming CPU (Central Processing Unit) power.



With the technology "streamlining", a BVMS user is able to keep multiple Ultra High Definition (UHD) cameras open without having to worry about slowing down the application. This technology automatically shows the optimal video resolution on the screen. If an operator needs to view many cameras simultaneously, BVMS automatically uses a lower-resolution stream. When enhanced pictures are required to zoom in or view on a full screen, for instance, a higher-resolution stream is automatically chosen. This feature uses the multi-stream capabilities available on Bosch IP video cameras and runs on existing workstations.