Allstate Agents

 Ivey Communications, Inc. is glad to announce the compatibility with eAgent.  With the connection to eAgent we can show you how to get the most bang for your buck from the eAgent app for your business while in most cases  saving money from the startup.​ 



​Efficient / Flexible / Productive / Better Customer Service


Please call or email us today to get connected with a sales agent.  We will come out and show you how you can become more productive and track your office better using Ivey VoIP with eAgent.  Why pay for something that does not work the way you do. You and your employees will be glad you made the call after they experience the connection that we provide by Screen popping eAgent when your customers info as they call into your office, Go from answering the phone "Thank you for calling Allstate how can I help you" to "Thank you for calling Allstate how can I help you today John".  The customers will appreciate the connection as well because this will help you build your relationship closer and stronger than ever before by being more personable with them.


We will be glad to put you in contact with several agents that are currently using the service today!


Ivey Communications, Inc. or 864-578-4839 option 1